Hello, and welcome to Forgotten Realities.  From our Mainland regions, to other regions created by talented members, Forgotten Realities has a little something for everyone.  Come to hang out.  Come to explore.  Make new friends and hook up with old ones too, all while dancing the night away at one of our many entertainment events hosted by live, in-world DJs.  Forgotten Realities is also HyperGrid enabled with access to public SIMs for outside visitors to come visit and hang out with our Members too.


Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send an IM, or leave an offline message to one of our many Staff members.

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**UPDATE** As of June 11, 2021

TeamFR is pleased to report that a new server contract has been signed, and work will begin shortly on setting up the new grid. The server will have significantly upgraded capabilities and will be running on Linux. We are striving for a noticeably improved user experience.

For those interested in the server specs:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12 cores/24 threads operating nominally at 3.8GHz
    • this compares to the old system that was a dual Xeon environment with a total of 8 cores /16 threads at 2.2GHz. The Ryzen can burst to 4.4GHz so at burst speeds twice as fast as the old system with 40% more cores and threads.
  • RAM = 64GB DDR4 non-ECC.
    • The old system had 96GB on older DDR3 ram and we barely used about 48GB of that RAM, so less, but faster RAM.
  • Storage is 2 x 1.2TB NVME drives, one for the OS, one for asset caches and 4 x 250GB SSDs in RAID 10 configuration for the MySQL instance.
  • Almalinux 8.4/Apache2/Percona 8.0.23/Mono 6.12/Remi PHP7.4

If you have paid tier in advance to Andy, TeamFR intends to honor any commitments made under previous management. Notify Logan, Ethan, or Brinley if you have paid tier in advance. Upon confirmation, your next tier payment will not be due until your advance has been used. (This is a startup and team effort though, so if you wish to make a donation, or “forgive” the advance, it would certainly be most appreciated.)

During the transition and setup period, we will not be collecting tiers from anyone.

TeamFR will finance operations for the two months of July and August and intends to begin collecting tier in September 2021. We are currently evaluating a new tier structure. As this is a non-profit operation, we will tailor our tiers to simply insuring ongoing operations and service. However, also understand that while we can extend a short “grace” period for tier, we cannot maintain unpaid sims for months at a time. Our tiers are very reasonable, so please respect your fellow users and arrange to pay for your region when it is due.

Current plans are to configure the server and upload the current grid over the next two weeks or so. Following that, a week or two of testing will take place, bringing regions online and checking operations. Our current grid will likely go offline at the end of the first week of July. We expect to have the new grid ready by then, but there may be a brief downtime. We are hoping to avoid that if possible.


The current members of TeamFR include:

Kofi Kwarteng (Head Tech Guru and generally swell guy)
Brinley Taliesin (Asst Tech guy and learning quickly)
Ethan Paderborn (Usually just in the way but can help pay for stuff)
Andy Anderson (Esteemed Founder)
Logan Brody (possible Treasurer and Tech asst)
Kris Spade (General wisdom and experience)
Arty Silvercloud (a.k.a. Gus and great designer)
Squeegy Littleboots (Host extraordinaire)
Marky BoyBlue (Co-host extraordinaire)
Jerammy Jackson (Speling Kunsultant)
Nekoboi Littlepaws (Senator without portfolio, yet!)
Aki Mike (Senator without portfolio, yet!)
Jericho Greggan (Senator without portfolio, yet!)
Ryen Chen (Senator with Golden Syrup)
Gamin Xavier (Senator with a penchant for crashing, errr.... we mean "debugging" simulators)

Ethan Paderborn , June 11th, 2021



To all residents of Forgotten Realities:

   Some of you may already be aware, but life has thrown Andy some particularly nasty curve balls over the past few months and this has caused him undue stress as well as a financial burden. In order to continue to manage the grid and meet its financial obligations, a group of members have banded together to form a team in order to ensure the health and well-being of the grid going forward.  
   TeamFR has collected funds and offered to buy out Andy's controlling interest in the grid, which we are extremely happy to say he has accepted. Let us be perfectly clear from the start, this is not a hostile takeover. Andy will continue to be involved in our home and his creation as FR Founder, as well as retaining control of our Discord channel and the group in SL. TeamFR will assume control of all financial, technical and managerial decisions and responsibilities from this point forward.
   It is also our intention to make Kofi's life easier. To that end he is beginning the process of acquiring a new server that will run on Linux. The current grid will then be recreated and reestablished on the new server, using the same name and grid domain name, world.forgottenrealities.com. The grid will be recreated from OAR and IAR backups. This way we will minimize the chance of copying corrupt/missing information into the new database.
   This also gives Kofi the opportunity to correct some of the issues that have been present since the grid started, such as Group creation. Current grid groups will need to be recreated on the new grid by their owners. It will also be necessary for members to login to the new web server with a unique password that will be provided to them so that they can then change that web password to be what they wish AND change their grid password to be what they wish. This is in effect re-registration, but Kofi will try to make that as painless as possible.  
   We hope to have this accomplished by the end of the month, at which point accounts will be migrated over, and members will be required to enter new passwords, as outlined above, when the time comes. Again, our domain will remain the same, so the website will also continue with the same address. Also, Andy is still the owner of the domain name and will continue to be.
    Regions, inventories and assets will be migrated when the time comes, and we will let members know at what point they should stop mucking about with things :) However, this is Opensim, and there will be hiccups, no matter how hard we strive to make the transition as smooth as possible, so we hope for your understanding and patience.
    As many of us have paid tier to Andy in advance, we intend to grant all region owners a 2 month grace period when we migrate. TeamFR will finance the grid during those two months, and then begin collecting tier at that point. More info regarding payment methods will be coming as arrangements are made, but we plan to continue using Gloebits on the new grid.
   However, if you currently pay tier for a region on FR and you are going to continue to do that, please let TeamFR members (below) know so we can start to create a comprehensive list, that TeamFR will maintain, of members who own land in FR.
   TeamFR is exactly that, a team effort; no single person is in charge nor will any single individual be making decisions. Kofi will continue being lead tech guru, so please go easy on him during this time of change :)
   TeamFR currently consists of Arty Silvercloud, Brinley Taliesin, Ethan Paderborn, Kofi Kwarteng, Kris Spade, Logan Brody, Marky BoyBlue, Jericho Greggan, Squeegy Littleboots, and of course, Andy in his role of Founder, as well as others who have generously donated funds to this effort.
   TeamFR is recruiting! We need people that are willing to take on roles in the new management, such as Noob Member Assistant, Tech Support assistants, and so on. If you have the time and are willing to help, please let us know!