Forgotten Realites Terms of Service:

     This agreement (the "Agreement" or the "Terms of Service") describes the terms on which the Forgotten Realities offers you access to its interactive entertainment products and services.

     The "Service" means all features, applications, content and downloads offered by Forgotten Realities, including its Websites, Servers, Forgotten Realities Content, and User Content (as those terms are defined below). This offer is conditioned on your agreement to all of the terms and conditions contained in the Terms of Service, including the policies and terms linked to or otherwise referenced in this Agreement, all of which are hereby incorporated into this Agreement.


By using the Service, you agree to and accept these Terms of Service, including all policies and terms linked to or otherwise referenced herein. If you do not so agree, you should decline this Agreement, in which case you are prohibited from accessing or using the Service.

1. Online Service:

Online Account’ which is owned by the user who created the account on the Forgotten Realites website, but therefore residing on the Forgotten Realities server in which this information is stored. Forgotten Realities reserves the right to terminate Online Accounts or temporarily suspend an account on any violation of this Terms of Service. In which will be subject to investigation. Upon completion of the investigation we will review the evidence in question and decide what best course of action to take.

Grid Account’ which is owned by the user who created the account on the Forgotten Realities web site to be used within the Gaming Grid in which resides on this company’s server. In which the user must agree to these terms in order to continue entering the Forgotten Realities. Forgotten Realities reserves the right to terminate Grid Accounts or temporarily suspend an account on any violation of this Terms of Service. In which will be subject to investigation. Upon completion of the investigation we will review the evidence in question and decide what best course of action to take.

Inworld’ means the three-dimensional world environment of the Forgotten Realities, the user, upon agreeing to these Terms of Service, will not engage in any violation of this agreement.

Forgotten Realities Content’ which is provided in connection with the Service or Services provided by the Forgotten Realities, but not limited to content we created or licensed from third parties. Which are subject to change from the licensor.

Servers’ are the online environments that support our service, which includes the logon server, asset server, authentication server, and map server.

User Content’ which means content created, uploaded and/or published, or submitted through our servers or Website. Which Forgotten Realities WILL NOT claim they own at ANYTIME.


  • Our Service/Services will exist for as long as we maintain them.


  • Forgotten Realities is only a service provider we do not protect you from third parties unless we deem there is abuse going on within the virtual world. Moreover meaning: A creator may be overpricing created content; a landlord is overcharging on a parcel of land or a sim. They can only charge a percentage for profit on land, but depends on the size of a parcel or sim. If a user feels that they are being overcharged then they must let the management of Forgotten Realities know and we will do an investigation.


  • Forgotten Realities will not or ever have monopolies running within the Forgotten Realitites. Monopolies are deemed illegal by the United States Government, therefore deemed illegal by Forgotten Realities as well.


  • Creators and Builders also agree when they create and/or build content and/or bring content into the grid there WILL not be sexism involved, for example, more female content available over male content or vice versa. Forgotten Realities will be equal in any way as possible. Any violation of this term the violator will receive a warning, if they do not comply after the warning, they will be banned temporarily but a 3rd time their account will be banned permanently, their content will be permanently deleted from the grid.


  • Forgotten Realities only offers its service to Adult’s 18 and older within Forgotten Realites. Anyone younger than 18 and we find out they will find themselves permanently banned.


  • Adult Regions” There seems to be a lot of controversy when it comes to child avatars on Adult Regions. Let’s clear this up a bit now and so forth and what Forgotten Realities will allow and not allow. Child Avatar’s WILL be allowed on Adult Regions, anyone who violates their right will be subject to a sanction. But Child Avatar’s will not be permitted on Gorean sims.

  • Vivox Voice” We use the voice service Vivox so people may use voice whenever it suits them. But since we aren’t licensed to have our own ToS concerning the voice server you the user accepts full responsibility if you violate their terms of service.


  • Maintenance” Forgotten Realities will go under maintenance at scheduled and unscheduled times but users will be notified beforehand and a message will be sent out into the grid that the grid will be shutting down for maintenance, but if we need to engage in emergency maintenance in which doesn’t give us time to notify our users the grid will be shut down asap.


  • VarRegions, Full Regions & Homestead Regions” We will maintain these regions since they will exist on our servers.

  • Gorean RP” Will be allowed within Forgotten Realities but only on Private Sims that must be purchased. Verbal RP will be allowed outside of the Private Regions but as long as it remains appropriate around child avatars.

  • Adult Region Rating” The Adult region rating is reserved for Adult Avatar region owners. The reason for this is we don’t want people to get the wrong impression and assume things. Child Avatars can only use the General and Moderate ratings. Child Avatars using the Adult rating on their regions will receive 2 warnings if the rating hasn’t changed. If the region rating still hasn’t changed after the 2 warnings the account will be banned and region ownership will be suspended indefinitely.

  • "Gloebit" The third-party money module installed on the grid. We do not offer support for the money module, but if there is any abuse or fraud going on we will conduct an investigation with the creator.

The user agrees and respects the Intellectual Property Rights of other users, Forgotten Realities, and third parties.



  • Content of Creators and Builders” Forgotten Realities at this point nor in the future will assume any rights to the content of Creators and Builders. Employees of the Forgotten Realities WILL have to purchase from the creator or builder before using such content. Creations are solely owned by the content creator. But if there is a legitimate situation where either the content is broken or not to the purchaser’s satisfaction then a refund MUST be made. BUT if this happens on more than one occasion an investigation will take place and if there is a violation in the Forgotten Realities’s ToS. Unless we find abuse with the content creator then the result could be a termination of their account.


  • Real Estate” If for any reason a tenant is not satisfied with a parcel of land or a sim they’re renting from a parcel owner, a proper investigation must be made by the parcel owner. And since the sims are pre-paid, the estate owner or employees in the Real Estate company is not obligated to issue a refund for non-use of the parcel or sim.








1. Griefer’s are not allowed with the virtual world of Forgotten Realities. If we find any within the virtual world they will be subject to an investigation and possible permanent ban. Any repeaters will be subjected to a hardware ban. NO EXCEPTIONS.



Age Requirements for our Service:

  • 18 and over: Only adults 18 and over are allowed in Forgotten Realities. And are allowed to access all public places in the virtual world unless banned by the parcel owner or the region owner for whatever reason.

  • 17 and under: Are not allowed within Forgotten Realities. We plan on making a Grid just for teens which will have strict rules which will help us protect the users. This Teen Grid is coming soon.


Sex Offenders:

1. Sex offenders are not allowed with Forgotten Realities. By applicable federal law they have no rights to own a computer, if we find that a Registered Sex Offenders has joined Forgotten Realities their IP Address and any other identifiable information will be recorded and handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and will be subjected to a hardware ban.

Gambling and Skilled Gaming:

  •  Forgotten Realities is not licensed to have gambling sims,

i.e. slot machines that charge and reward $FRs. Anyone in violation of this will be reported to the FBI.

  • Contests such as ones that reside in clubs within Forgotten Realities are allowed since they are NOT considered Gambling in the United States law terms.

  • Sploder’s which are commonly found at clubs, are also NOT considered Gambling and therefore allowed.

  • But an employee of Forgotten Realities will not participate in any contest provided by the Forgotten Realities at any time. But may participate in Sploder’s.


Forgotten Realities Events:

  • Forgotten Realities will host special Events at scheduled times or may sponsor events at scheduled times.

  • We will also co-host events as well with certain individuals or organizations within the virtual world.

Grid User Accounts and Online Accounts:

  • As of right now Grid User Accounts and Online Accounts are different but they are linked. Upon registration, you must create both accounts on the same page. But this will be changed at some point in the future where they will be all one account. And the user must provide their legal name upon registration, failing to do so will result in permanent ban, repeated they will be hardware banned. By applicable law in the United States the user is required to use their real names and not fake names when registering for an account in a Virtual World. Within the United States Forgotten Realities is classified as an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) but we classify this a virtual social networking platform.

  • Grid User Accounts and Online Accounts are owned by the user, but in order to keep ownership they must comply with the rules of this ToS. Any violations of this ToS will subject in termination and a ban from Forgotten Realities. And they will forfeit all their assets.


Forgotten Realities and third parties who participate in reselling in world currency (FG’s):

1. The Forgotten Realitiest DOES NOT govern the in-world currency. Any questions or concerns please direct them to Gloebits


Any in world abuse please contact or other inquiries:

1. Andy Oreo (jacari woulard)– Founder – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We reserve the right at any time to make any changes necessary to these terms of services whenever we deem it’s necessary. We also have the right to terminate these terms of service whenever appropriate but at that time a new one will take its place.

Forgotten Realities is powered by OpenSimulator servers and this grid is owned by Forgotten Realities